How To Estimate Time and Cost | Lesson With Peter Maki

How to estimate the cost and time for refinishing? We’ve been asked this question a lot. It is indeed an important topic as many clients are thinking about whether start renovation at all. We have a lot of sources on how to estimate paintwork, replacement installation, but wrapping with the architectural film?

Peter Maki, an installer with 20+ years of experience, shows how his estimating and quoting routine in the following video. The project includes cabinets, countertops, upper cupboards and one door.

A few tips

Peter amply demonstrates how to do the quoting in the video, but here is an excerpt of several key points that he makes:

  • Measure in linear feet. The vinyl film comes in 4-foot rolls that have a continuous pattern. It is okay to measure in square feet if the pattern is plain, like a white solid color. However, when there is a complicated emboss or wood grains, you want to make sure that the edge between two areas is the same so the seam is invisible.
  • Add 10-15% to the total material. Installation not always goes absolutely smooth and some parts of the film edges may get too weary or the cutting work may not be very accurate. Some extra is always a safe bet, especially considering the fact that the film per see is not expensive.
  • Sophisticated surfaces increase the required time. Normal cabinet doors in the video would require around 40 minutes to wrap each, but as they are not flat the time estimation doubles.
  • Not all door handles are worth removing. There are simple door handles that can get removed in 2 minutes, but some, specifically with an electronic lock, are too time-consuming. Add them if it is the latter, but discard if the former is the case.
If you think there are other unexplored topics about architectural film worth making a tutorial, share your ideas here in the comments or anywhere on our social media!

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