Lesson #8 With Peter Maki

Bodaq Interior Film Advantages

In this lesson, we will talk about the primary material we use – Bodaq architectural vinyl film. When it comes to vinyl, different types exist with various features, but generally, they are all fairly similar. Two features make Bodaq stand out:

  • Air Release Technology
  • Stretching Capabilities

Air Release Technology

Scrubbing the film with a squeegee removes all bubbles. More about the vinyl film structure.

Air Release Technology means that on the back of the vinyl, built into the adhesive, a small diamond pattern has air channels that run throughout the material. This allows you to push the air out from those air channel pockets during, or even after, the installation. This helps tremendously to get rid of annoying surface bubbles.

When you are selecting vinyl for your project, make sure it has the air release structure.

Stretching Capabilities

You can stretch the material up to 100%. What will happen though, you will lose the adhesion property. Therefore,  every time you stretch the material beyond 30%, you want to have some primer to help hold the material in place.

Watch the video above to see how Peter stretches different patterns of the BODAQ architectural film.

Always test your material before the installation. Take your time to understand how it applies on the surface and how it stretches. You should remember that every pattern is different and reacts to stretching differently.

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