Free Webinar from Nelcos | Friday, May 1, 2020

Webinar | New Interior Solutions

You're Invited!

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Webinar | New Interior Solutions


We would like to invite you to our free webinar about our product, which is an architectural vinyl film.

Join us for the free webinar to learn about:

✅ New architectural product release – # 1 in Europe, # 1 in Asia, NOW in North America.

✅ Interior Application
Why refinishing your surfaces with the architectural film?

✅ Design and Texture possibilities
Cost-effective method for transforming your surface to marble, stone, metal, real wood, solid finishes.

✅ Successful projects – you can be next!
Find out why IHOP, IKEA, Onni Group, City Market are using architectural film.

Webinar Host - Marlena Miller


Meet your Nelcos host – Marlena Miller, Business Development Director

We’ll be happy to see you on the webinar.

Date: Friday, May 1

Time: 10 – 11 AM PTD

Thanks to all who were present at our webinar! If you liked it, please leave a few words below. If you still didn't claim your gift, please email us - [email protected] Stay tuned for our upcoming webinars!
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