NELCOS is an official representative of HYUNDAI L&C

in CANADA and the USA

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About Us

NELCOS is an architectural film distribution company. We believe that refreshing your space helps to refresh your life.

Our Mission is to change the interior renovation market In North America and make the interior architectural film a well-known solution that makes people`s lives easier, saves time and money.

Nelcos is an official representative of Hyundai L&C in North America. Vinyl film from Hyundai L&C is a leader in European and Asian markets. Our goal is to bring this product to the North American market and show its benefits over the traditional route of fixing or buying anew. We offer our product and installation services to individuals and corporate clients. We also provide training on how to promote, sell, and install the vinyl film. 

HEAD OFFICE (Vanvouver, BC)

Nelcos Distribution Inc. head office is located in Vancouver, BC. There are also offices in Toronto and Edmonton. We are constantly working on developing a dealers network in Canada and the United States.


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Hyundai L&C is leading the global market as the company specialized in construction materials. For over half a century, Hyundai L&C has been making its name as one of Korea’s prominent construction material manufacturers. Hyundai L&S innovative premium materials add elegance to your space and suggest eco-friendly function on your housing.


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