Top-5 Patterns to Upgrade Elevator

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Task – elevator refinishing

It has never been easier to carry out an elevator renovation project. Now you can breathe new life into the old surfaces with a highly cost-effective and low-maintenance interior film that is both quick and easy to apply. Indeed, architectural films are used extensively for interior applications at hotels, cruise ships, lobbies, elevators, and many other renovation projects. As a matter of fact, Nelcos films are extremely durable and can stand scratches and some other mechanical damages. Because of these characteristics, its perfect appearance can be maintained for more than ten years.

Elevators renovation

Top-5 architectural film for elevator refinishing

The Nelcos installation team has a solid experience in updating the look of elevators. So we picked the top-5 patterns that are popular for the elevator refinishing.

1.PTW08 Painted Wood pattern from the Wood Collection is an excellent choice for the cabin interior upgrade. This cold tone of the wood is great if you opt for a modern look.

PTW08 | Elevator top-5

2. W949 Oak from the Wood Patterns is from the warm palette. It is great for the cabin interior, as well as doors.

W949 | Elevator Top-5

3. NS814 Arabescato from Stone & Marble Collection looks fabulous in any interior. Especially, if you would like to accent some of the cabin elements, for instance, a button panel.

NS814 | Elevator Top-5

4. BZ883 Oak is one more pattern from the Wood Collection. It serves for elevator refinishing in the traditional style. 

BZ883 | Elevator Top-5

5. Additionally, we recommend covering elevator panels with the unique Mirror film. It is the best decision if you would like to have mirror walls without adding weight.

IPT5000 | Elevator Top-5

To see the patterns in some of our previous projects, as well as the before and after look of elevators, please see the photos below.

Follow the links below to take a closer look at some of our projects on elevator refinishing:

Request a quote

If you think that the elevator at your property needs upgrading, then contact us by phone or email, and we will gladly assist you.

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