Aesthetic elevator modernization.
With no renovation drawbacks.

Innovative Elevator Solutions

Elevator refinishing with architectural film is a revolutionary approach toward cabin renovation. You don’t need to call a technician, get permission, dismantle the cabin and produce tons of dust. 

Interior finishes are highly cost-effective (we will save you 30-60% on the renovation) and durable material that perfectly fits high-traffic areas, such as elevators. Also, we can do the refinishing in just a few days!

The multi-layer film structure ensures that your cabin maintains its original color and texture for 5+ years.

Create any design. Choose from 450+ textures. Upgrade your elevator. Enjoy a a brand-new long-lasting appeal.

Our Elevator Solutions

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Traditional Approach

Due to its nature, traditional approach can interrupt the activity and stall the production in a workplace. In addition, these approaches may yield mess, dust, odour and even noise. Unfortunately, traditional approaches can be highly time-consuming with various limitations.​

Nelcos Approach

In comparison to the traditional approach, Nelcos approach is cleaner, silent, neat and much more quicker. Our approach can be applied to any surface in any condition, with various patterns.

Virtually weightless

10 sq.ft of film weigh 1 pound. Refinishing with interior finishes complies with elevator weight regulations across Canada and the U.S.

Totally Affordable

Our remodeling approach is 2 to 5 times less expensive.

Extreme durability

Our interior finishes are resistant to mechanical damages, delamination, crackling, and moisture. Forget about accidental scratches and scuffs.

Why using interior finishes benefits you

Fire retardancy and safety concerns
Bodaq interior film is Grade A material in Standard Fire Retardancy Classification. The absence of any hazardous materials is certified. Our interior finish complies with all regulations of The Code (CSA B44 in Canada and ASME A17.1 in the U.S.)
Low maintenance

Wood, stone, marble, and any other film textures do not require special treatment. Maintaining the perfect appearance is easy with typical cleaning methods.

easy installation in a few days

It usually takes 1 days to renovate one cabin. There is no need to get permission from the regulatory bodies because we do not need to have access to the shaft, or any technical equipment. No parts of the cabin are dismantled and the installation takes place directly in the cabin. It’s the best elevator solution in most cases.

what we can refinish

500+ Textures

That fit in any interior

10-year warranty

for all of our services

We guarantee that your upgraded elevator will maintain its tactile sensation and visual appeal.


Material + Installation

Material cost depends on the pattern of your choiceSurface preparation and other expenses are not included in the price.

On-site assessment is required for an accurate quote.

Regular Size Cabin

$ 1990-2490*
  • up to 180 sq.ft of surface

Big Size Cabin

$ 2750-3400*
  • 190-260 sq.ft of surface

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Our approach saves 50% on elevator renovations.

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