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If you would like to test our product, feel free to contact us and request a free sample of the pattern you like.

We can ship your ordered film or you can collect it in our office. To make a purchase directly from Nelcos, please contact us and specify the details of your project.

Please feel free to contact us via the website form or call your location representative. 

In Canada: Vancouver - 778-766-2133 | Toronto - 416-825-9880 | Calgary - 403-804-2507

In the USA: Florida - 305-528-2127

Yes, we can sell a part of a roll. A minimal order is 10 linear feet.

Yes, we conducted a test in 2019 by SGS - Bodaq film holds a class A level of fire retardancy. Test Report

BODAQ Interior Film is totally safe and sustainable. The material is made in a safe work environment in a process that minimizes the release of volatile organic compounds. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungus, it contains no heavy metals, no formaldehyde and no phthalates. All certificates and test reports

Retail price is around $4-5 per sq. ft. for a majority of patterns, the most expensive are $7-8 per sq. ft.

Wood, plywood (MDF), metal, plastic, glass, laminate, painted surfaces - anything.

We offer a 10-year warranty for the material and a 5-year warranty for the installation by a Bodaq certified installer.

Yes, this product is a perfect solution for wall panels - no demolishing, no replacing - just wrap the surface to have a brand new one. Wall panels refinishing project.


Yes, we have all the necessary certificates and test reports to do it. Elevator Cab refinishing - Nelcos.

There is no reaction to water. It is a PVC (vinyl) film, and there is nothing that can happen with it under the water.

No, the vinyl film is self-adhesive – it has a special glue on its backing. Usually, we recommend using a primer (we have our primer) to make the adhesion stronger.

Using a heat gun, we can stretch the film around curved surfaces or wrap corners without seams or cuts. Although self-adhesive backing is sufficiently strong, we use an extra amount of primer to increase the adhesion. It allows our installers to offer a 5-year warranty. How To Install Page.

It is much more durable than paint or regular wallpaper. It can be used in high traffic areas and still stay in good shape without scratches or wear. Durability Test.

It can also be used for countertops, however, we do not recommend to cut it with a knife or put a hot pot/pan directly on the vinyl. Additionally, the film can be washed with any chemicals you usually use for cleaning. Durability Test.


Bodaq interior film is made to stay on the surface for years or even decades, but if you need to remove the vinyl, it is doable. It is not easy – removing the Bodaq finish from one side of a door (7*3 ft.) could take up to 30-60 min. But if you need to renew a surface, you can cover the old vinyl film with a new one. How to remove the Vinyl Film.

You could have seen vinyl films that looked like plastic in the past (or it should be a cheap product). Bodaq architectural film is multi-layer and thus capable of imitating real materials. We have patterns and textures that look and feel like natural surfaces. Usually, people can't recognize an artificial surface when they touch an installed Bodaq film.

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