Give your surfaces a new life
with architectural film
home renovation with vinyl film

Architectural film is here to renovate your space without noise, waste and overpricing

Home renovation is a serious and long-lasting endeavor. Figuring out where to get a wall panel with a perfect color and texture, measuring cabinets, so they fit in… you name it.

Nelcos architectural film beats all the issues. 
You value your time, money and you want your unique interior design. Refinishing with the architectural film has it all.

Whether your secret desire is a marble shower, mirror wardrobe or exquisite panel made of walnut, everything is possible.

Our advantages:

  • Cost-effective: up to 50% savings on renovation

  • Clean, quiet, and odorless installation

  • Limitless design solutions with 500+ patterns

  • Tactile sensation identical to real materials

  • Eco-friendly

  • No toxic gases, no heavy metals, no phthalates

  • Antibacterial, antifungal

What we can upgrade

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Our Home Renovation Projects

Cabinets Refinishing

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Before After

Countertops Refinishing

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Before After

Furniture Refinishing

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Before After

Doors Refinishing

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More Home Renovation Projects

Why refinishing is better than paint, refacing or buying new

Design Flexibility

You choose your design. Whether you want classy white, marble or you are ready to experiment with concrete and textured fabric, we will gladly assist you. 

Quick & Clean installation
Refinishing happens without any noise, dust, or activity interruption. You won’t even notice that renovation is happening in the next room because it is quiet and the only waste is the released backed-paper.
Easy Maintenance

Treat it as any other surface but without worrying about possible scratches or warps. The material possesses strong damage-resistance qualities. 

500+ Textures

That fit in any interior

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