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What Nelcos Can Upgrade At Your House

Recently, a new project enriched our portfolio in beautiful North Vancouver. To be precise, a client wanted to upgrade the look of an outdated feature wall, wood panelling and entry door, kitchen cabinets, mantel, and a door in a playroom – virtually an entire house.

Stating the obvious, home improvements are usually costly, noisy and tend to last longer than estimated, especially if it comes to an entire house renovation. Messy dry-walling, drilling, disposing of old materials… the list may keep going on and on. Still, whether you plan to upgrade your home in West Van, Burnaby or even far-away Ontario suburbs, we’ve dealt with different projects and they all have similar challenges and objectives.

Project in Details

Let’s take a closer look at every surface we have refinished during the home improvement project and how we actually managed to simplify all the challenges mentioned above.

Feature Wall

A large wall in the entryway looked well-worn. Outdated wallpapers peeled off and ruined the look of the entire interior. 

For the feature wall, we used the Bodaq Interior Film pattern  PTW08 Chelsea Gray Wood from the Wood Collection.

PTW08 - Chelsea Gray
Oak Medium Wood

Wood Paneling

Outdated wood panels used to be a focal point of the entryway and staircase for thirty years. However, now they look old and give splinters to the house residents. After the pattern for refinishing – BZ884 Oak from the Wood Collectionhas been chosen, our team started our work of architectural film installation. First, installers made a surface smooth and applied a primer for better adhesion, then prepared the vinyl film for application and installed it. Every inch of an outdated wall panelling was covered with Bodaq. Even entryway door details were wrapped with BZ884 Oak

See the gallery below for the final result

Entryway. Final Result

Overall, we have refinished several surfaces in the entryway – feature wall, wood panels on the wall, staircase, closet, and entry door. And this is how a renovated entryway look like after we have completed our installation.


The easy way to change the look of your fireplace is to refinish a mantel. For this project, we have installed interior film PM003 Onyx Marble from the Stone & Marble Collection (see the picture on the right).

Just look at the final result below.

Mantel Refinishing - Bodaq PM003 Onyx Marble Interior Film2
Mantel Refinishing- BEFORE&AFTER


In fact, when painting all the doors, previous owners managed to forget one side of the door in a playroom. So that was the first thing that required refinishing. For the door, we have used S126 Solid White from the Solid Colors Collection

Playroom Door Refinishing - Before&After

Kitchen. Cabinets and Countertop

The same issue was with a kitchen in this house – it was installed a long time ago and did not match a modern kitchen look. That was the reason why owners chose to refinish cabinets and countertops surfaces with Bodaq Interior Film. For this purpose, we used the following patterns:

PM003 - Onyx Marble
RM005 - Brushed Silver Metal
TNS05 - Ecru Leather

Sneak into the gallery below to see how we have transformed the entire kitchen. For this one, we did not have to remove kitchen cabinets and replace them with new ones – we refinished the existing surfaces with Bodaq Interior Film.

Kitchen. Final Result

As you can see, by using Bodaq architectural film, our team upgraded an outdated kitchen and made it look modern and stylish. Thereby, any surface in your kitchen can be refinished with our product. The process is clean, quiet, and odorless. It can be done when everyone is at home or contactless at our warehouse. You choose.

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