Featured Image about door refinishing at Marriott hotel

Door Refinishing | Marriott Hotel

In such busy places as hotels, doors quickly lose their external attractiveness. Visitors scratch the surface with their suitcases, staff with their trolleys and trays. At the same time, the

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Office renovation cost featured image

Office Renovation Cost

Office renovation is always an expensive and time-consuming process. But now there is an alternative that will help achieve the same result only for much less money and time. In

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Pillars refinishing with architectural film

Pillars Refinishing

Unusual application of the film. Pillars Pillars tend to wear off, especially in high-loaded places. They get stained and scratched. Most owners choose to paint them, but the paint peels

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Office renovation struggles

Office renovation struggles

Office renovation might be challenging. Either you want to move to another office or update an existing one. Both of these renovations require tremendous time and budget spending. Most of

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