Vinyl Film Durability: 6 Months After Refinish

Architectural Film - Durable Surface Finish

IHOP Restaurant

Six months ago, we had a chance to refinish a kitchen door at IHop in Richmond. The owners of this restaurant were concerned that the door wears out very fast, especially in the place where it gets in contact with the dish trays. They had some doubts about the vinyl film durability because of the comparison with painting. They repaint the door several times but the paint was always peeling that made the kitchen door look unpresentable. You have to agree, this is not the best impression for a restaurant.

The project

This is how the door looked like when we first saw it. Not the best view for customers to look at.

This is how the refinish turned out. A completely new look within few hours and without restaurant work interruption.

A kitchen door after the renovation at IHop, Richmond

In this project, we used the vinyl film S143 from the Texture Patterns. This solid gray colour is an excellent choice of refinish for the clear professional look. And of course, with the Nelcos vinyl film there is no need in replacing the door or continually repainting it, just a quick wrapping and a polished look is ready.

And to show the vinyl film durability, we visited IHop in Richmond and took some photos of the door six months later. Our interior refinish looks as good as new, in contrary to paint that would already start peeling after 3-6 months of use.

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