Door Renovation and Handle Wrapping at IHOP, Surrey

Different Surfaces - One Solution

New Look

For the new project, we had to perform a door renovation. However, we have completed a very complicated door handle renewal, as well as refinished the frayed door at IHOP Surrey. It was troublesome, but we did it! Because of the unique texture of the Nelcos architectural film, it can be wrapped around anything. No matter what the surface is – round, square or with complicated curves – you can use our product to refinish anything.


We have used the W207 Walnut vinyl film from the Wood Patterns for the door renovation. And the door handle had been refurbished with the W353 Pine pattern from the same collection.

Please take a look at the photos to see how we did complicated stretching at IHOP!

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Feel free to contact us with any inquiries. We have 50 patterns to choose from that are currently in stock and 500 patterns overall! The next renovation could be at your property!


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