Sliding Glass Door Refinish in Downtown, Vancouver

Change Textures Rather Than Items

Even though a glass door adds fashionable vibes to the interior, it can cause some privacy issues. There is a variety of options to cover the glass. However, if you’re not a big fan of shades or decorative screens hanging on your door, then we have an excellent solution for you – the interior vinyl film from Nelcos. That is why we used it for the sliding glass door refinish in our new project.

In the project, we have refinished two sliding glass doors to add some more privacy to the room. This is a great example of how transparent surfaces can be easily transformed with the Nelcos vinyl film. The photos below show the before and after look.

For these doors renovation we used the PZ022 pattern from the Wood Collection. This was a great choice to make the door stand out in the room, while, at the same time, serve it’s main purpose of retaining privacy.

Additionally, we have also refinished the wall with the same vinyl film pattern as the sliding glass doors. That is an excellent decision to link the interior elements and make them a part of a complete looking space.

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