Nelcos brought Bodaq Interior Film at SpeedPro Canada Convention 2023

SpeedPro: Never Say No!

During the 31st Convention of Canada’s largest B2B network – SpeedPro Canada, Bodaq proudly exhibited their interior film to visitors. The trade show took place in Salon D on the main floor of the Airport Marriott Hotel on Dixon Rd.

The team was thrilled to present their product and highlight its outstanding features, as well as offer free samples to those who visited their booth.

Never Say No to new opportunities.


Bodaq Interior Film at the Convention

The Bodaq team was excited to engage with printing industry professionals and introduce them to their innovative product, the Bodaq Interior Film. They showcased the product with a live installation demo and provided visitors with Catalog 2023. It was a fantastic opportunity for Bodaq to connect with like-minded professionals and promote their product.

Bodaq team at SpeedPro 2023

More photos from SpeedPro

We enjoyed the exhibition and are looking forward to a new one!

About BODAQ Interior Film

Bodaq Interior Film is a self-adhesive, stretchable, high-quality finishing material made by Hyundai L&C in South Korea. It is suitable for use on both flat and curved surfaces and is a great way to revive and upgrade any interior. To learn more, visit Follow BODAQ® on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.


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