Classic Blue Vinyl Film – an Elegant Pantone Color of the Year

Color of 2020 by Pantone Color Institute

Color trends change every year, however, this time designers opt for classics. The year 2020 has begun with the new color announced by Pantone color institute – Classic Blue, which is a representation of the sky at dusk. And Nelcos have the necessary classic blue vinyl film to cover this design trend.

If you are looking for this calming and elegant color, which can add the feeling of deepness and anchoring foundation to the interior, we suggest our version of Classic Blue vinyl film  S150 or S204 from the Texture Patterns. This trend color will look great on any surface – whether you want to refinish a piece of furniture or make the accent wall at your place.

Classic Blue vinyl film in the interior

It is hard to imagine how your interior will look like after the remodeling. This is why we choose some examples for you. See the photos below to have an idea of how this color could look like in the interior. With the Nelcos vinyl film, these transformations could be done fast, without dirt, dust, and noise.

Among other color trends in kitchen renovations, designers recommend giving your kitchen cabinets a more dramatic look, for example, with the pop of classic blue color. 

If dark cabinets are not your choice, we can make your kitchen look great with the backsplash wall. In this case, a glass protection from grease was used.

Laundry room is not the spot were you spend lots of time but a fun splash of color will never hurt. We can cover any cabinets with the interior vinyl film, as wee have done in this kitchen in Coal Harbour.

An accent wall in your living area will bring a fresh look to the room. As a side note, installing a vinyl film of such a deep blue color will make a small room seem bigger.

Request a consultation

If you would like to see the Classic Blue vinyl film patterns in person, feel the textures, or get an assistance in making your decision, just contact us via phone or email. We also have more than 500 patterns to choose from. In this way, we can make your interior dreams come true.


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