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Antimicrobial film


Tactigard is a Cu+Ag film containing copper and silver nano-particles that release ions to kill microbes.

How Tactigard Works

With its unique structure of both silver and copper nano-particles, Tactigard provides unparalleled protection against harmful bacteria and viruses.

  1. The metal film releases ions that damage microbes.
  2. These ions distort or destroy the membrane, killing the microbe.
Antimicrobial film structure

Main Features:

  • Combines the advantages of both silver and copper to stop microbes from reproducing on the surface.
  • Translucent film.
  • The air-free structure allows an easy installation.
  • It can be applied to both flat and curved surfaces.
  • Anti-fingerprint (AFP) effect when fingerprints cannot be seen on the surface by the naked eye.
Antimicrobial effectiveness of copper and silver

Copper has been proven to prevent the reproduction of microbes by inhibiting RNA replication. It is great in killing bacteria and super-bugs, therefore, Bill Keevil, Professor of Environmental Healthcare at the University of Southampton, after investigating the antimicrobial properties of copper, recommends to use it in hospitals as a protective matter.

Silver is also known for its antimicrobial features. Silver bind to the bacteria cell wall blocking the transportation of substances in and out of the cell. Silver ions are transported into the bacteria cell where they block the respiratory system destroying energy production. In the bacteria cell, silver ions interact with DNA and inhibit bacteria cell division, stopping replication.

To achieve better results, Tactigard combines both silver and copper as the two most effective antimicrobial elements.

Tactigard | Nelcos Antimicrobial Protection Surface Film


Clarivale is a crystal-clear protective film coated with a special micro-polymer network that destroys bacteria and viruses.

How Clarivale Works

The special micro-polymer network in the film destroys microorganisms.

How Clarivale antimicrobial film works

Main Features:

  • Surface protection.
  • Hydrophobic plastic film.
  • Water repellent.
  • Transparent.
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Glossy.
  • High wetting speed for easy installation.

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