Installation Training, Vancouver: How to Sign Up & What to Expect

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Nelcos invites you to explore the world of Bodaq Interior Film through our exclusive installation training.
Installation training: how to sign up and what to expect

In our latest video, “How to Install Vinyl Film Installation Training,” we unveil the secrets of mastering Bodaq Interior Film installation in just 1 day. Discover how you can quickly acquire a new skill and become proficient in transforming surfaces with high-end interior film.

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Why Choose Bodaq Interior Film?

Bodaq Interior Film, a flagship product distributed by Nelcos, is a self-adhesive film that revolutionizes interior design. Versatile and quick to apply, it opens doors to endless possibilities in transforming counters, cabinets, walls, furniture, doors, and more.

Nelcos Installation Training Highlights:

  • Hands-On Experience

Immerse yourself in practical installation training guided by our experienced Bodaq trainers.

  • Comprehensive Learning

From basic theory to advanced techniques, our training covers every aspect of Bodaq Interior Film installation.

  • Ask Questions, Get Answers

Engage in interactive sessions, ask questions, and receive valuable insights from our experts.

  • Support Beyond Installation

Benefit from ongoing support, both in installation techniques and marketing strategies.

Installation Training how to
Installation Training from Nelcos

Installation Training: Join Us in Vancouver, BC

Our installation training is hosted in the picturesque city of Vancouver, BC. Learn, connect, and enhance your skills surrounded by the stunning backdrop of the Pacific Northwest.

Bodaq Certification

Upon completion of our training, you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge to become a certified Bodaq Installer, in high demand in the design and renovation industry.

Ready to take your craft to the next level? Reserve your spot now and become a part of the Nelcos community dedicated to excellence in Bodaq Interior Film installation.

Transform Surfaces, Transform Lives – Become a Bodaq Pro with Nelcos!

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