Office renovation struggles

Office renovation might be challenging. Either you want to move to another office or update an existing one. 

Both of these renovations require tremendous time and budget spending.

Most of owners prefers to start everything from scratch what usually invokes lots off office renovation struggles.

We disagree with that approach. Why start everything from scratch if you can get the same result by wrapping it with architectural vinyl film? 

Looking at the pictures below you might say: oh my gosh, it looks so outdated, and everything needs to be replaced!

But what does the word “replace” mean?

  • Tons of time by deciding and choosing what to buy instead of outdated surfaces
  • A lot of paid work in changing and removing old furniture
  • A lot of time for the renovation process itself

Even looking at these scratches and dents we can definitely say that we can give a new life to that furniture, front desks, walls, floor, countertops, doors, window sills, cabinets, cupboards and much more!

Choose any of 450+ patterns we have. It might be wood, stone, marble, metal, fabric, solid colours. Nevertheless, the texture perfectly imitates original materials. Try them out by ordering our FREE samples.

How much can I save?

By choosing to wrap instead of standard renovation, you can minimize your expenses. A rough estimate says that you can save 50% of your costs by getting the same result.

In addition, the office renovation would take us only 3-4 weeks to get everything done. It also saves your money, because every additional day of renovation lowers profit.

We will write a new post with the fully upgraded office as soon as it’s done. 

Therefore, next time you will see how easy you can minimize office renovation struggles.

Stay tuned!

More info on our office renovation page.

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