Wall and Stairs Refinishing at the Brand-new House

How to use Bodaq interior finishes in renovations

wall refinishing SPW43


Bodaq films can be used on almost any surface. In this case study, the homeowner chose Bodaq film to refinish the stairs, doors and walls.

Why Bodaq?

  • We offer over 500 different patterns and finishes
  • Bodaq is durable and quick to install
  • Reduce waste by re-using existing materials
  • Bodaq has natural finishes such as wood, stone, and metal. For this project, SPW43 Oak Wood was chosen
  • It’s self-adhesive
  • There are zero toxic odours, so life can continue while the installation takes place
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain
  • Cost-effective solution


The SPW43 Oak Wood pattern is a natural wood finish and one of our most popular. This film is indistinguishable from real wood and adds a natural warmth to the space. 

You can find more than 500+ patterns in our catalogue, including stone, marble, wood, concrete, metal, fabric, leather, and solid colours. There’s something for everyone!

Walls, door, stairs refinishing

Renovation process

Our interior films are self-adhesive, but in this case, we carefully prepared the surfaces by applying a water-based primer for additional adhesion. The pattern is perfect to hide seams. This entire renovation was completed in just three days. 

Also, with Bodaq interior film you can refinish: furniture, cabinets, doors, floor, ceilings, etc. Find more solutions here. 

cutting film
stairs refinishing
Stairs refinishing SPW43 Oak Wood

Please watch the video below to see how the refinishing was done

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