Black Kitchen Trend 2020 | Are You Ready To Differ?

Interior Design Trends 2020 For Your Kitchen

Black Kitchen Trend 2020

Do you have enough bravery to embrace a new trend and go dark? Then it’s an article for you.

The year 2020 brought lots of surprises to our lives, and a black trend is one of those. If you plan to renovate your kitchen, consider changing surfaces to black ones. Surprisingly, this color trend can be applied in any interior design style no matter which one you’ve decided to implement in your kitchen. Whether it is a countertop, kitchen cabinets or fridge, we’ve got you covered. With our product, you can play with textures with ease or wrap all the surfaces with only one film pattern. We have plenty of options to choose from. So you could imagine how black interior film could spruce up your space, we’ve selected a few helpful illustrations and a film swatches for you.


Modern look - black kitchen trend
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Patterns: BZ884 Oak and HS205 Texture

For this design BZ884 Oak and HS205 Texture are perfect. If you feel like a total black look is not for you, making only part of cabinets black is a great alternative. Additionally, our cement film will be a great background to bring attention to the new kitchen design. 


The next option is for drama lovers. To achieve this luxury, dramatic and deep black kitchen, combine several types of black interior film and the look will be yours.
Drama queen - black kitchen trend 2020
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Patterns: NS804 Cmarquina, LS106 Textured Film, S140 Solid Black

For instance, NS804 Cmarquina film for the back-splash, LS106 Textured Film for the cabinets, and walls can be covered with S140 Solid Black Film.


If you prefer an industrial style or a few touches of it, a brick back wall is what you need. Black kitchen cabinets and steel appliances will definitely stand out on such a back wall.
industrial look - black kitchen trend 2020
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Patterns: Brick, S140 Solid Black

A brick interior film would be a nice match for the black kitchen cabinets. If you’d like to play with the wooden patterns, there are more options we can offer. HZ006 Teak, W546 Castagno Caducci, W566 Castagno, DWP33 Pearl Wood from the Wood Collection would be perfect for kitchen cabinets in this case.


Just look at how beautifully combined are vintage style appliances with the black modern cabinets. Red knobs add to the vintage vibe making the interior from the photo below a unique piece.
vintage vibes - black kitchen trend 2020
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Patterns: HS205 Tecxtured Black, S147 Solid Red

The textured interior film looks great on any cabinets, whether there are straight lines or complicated curves. To make this interior even more vibrant, you can create a red accent wall on the opposite side of the room.


A black accent wall can be a challenge, especially in the kitchen. But with an interior finish that is easy to clean and sanitize that’s not a problem anymore.
black kitchen wall - trends 2020
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Patterns: Brick Film, S140 Solid Black

S140 Solid Black Color gives that sophisticated mat finish to a surface and allows creating elegant interiors. And paired with Bricks Interior Film gives that homey feeling to the interior.


You think mat finishes are boring but still would like to be in trend? Add some sparkles to the black countertops or back-splash. And you don’t need to buy expensive quartz to achieve this amazing result. CP102 and CP201 architectural film patterns are great for a sparkly kitchen.
splashes in black kitchen trends 2020
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Patterns: CP102, CP201 Sparkle Black

To sum up, trends change, and black color is back. So upgrade your interior fast and more affordable than with the traditional approaches. An architectural film can cover all your creative ideas and bring the necessary vibe to your place.


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