Affordable Home Upgrades with Interior Films

A Stunning Home Transformation with Nelcos Interior Film

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We’re thrilled to share our latest project where we completely renovated an entire house using our innovative interior films. In just two weeks, our team worked tirelessly to wrap walls, wall panels, ceilings, and fireplace walls with a variety of stunning patterns. The results? A beautifully transformed home that exudes style and functionality.

Project Overview

This affordable home upgrades project showcases the versatility and beauty of Nelcos interior films.

Video Showcase

Curious to see the transformation in action? Check out our video showcasing the entire process and the stunning results,

Patterns Spotlight

We used a variety of patterns to achieve a cohesive and luxurious look throughout the house. Here’s a breakdown of the transformations we achieved:

LS103 Black Matte Wood

Adding a rich wood pattern to the wall with the client’s doll collection, LS103 Black Matte Wood brought a sophisticated touch to the space.

NS703 Cement Star

NS703 Cement Star is perfect for wrapping columns, providing a sleek and modern look. It was also applied to the kitchen wall and backsplash, ensuring durability and a contemporary finish. Don’t be afraid to use our interior films in kitchens close to stoves and sinks; Bodaq films are class-A fire and smoke-rated and waterproof.

TNS03 Gray Leather

Applied to the fireplace and bedroom wall panels, TNS03 Gray Leather added a luxurious and cozy feel.

NS814 Cremano Arabescato Marble

This gorgeous white marble with a gray veining NS814 Cremano Arabescato pattern was used to wrap the bathroom ceiling, bringing a touch of elegance with its marble pattern.

RM006 Vintage Brushed Silver

Wrapped on another bedroom wall, RM006 Vintage Brushed Silver created a vintage yet modern vibe.

NS804 Marquina Campari Black Marble

One more marble pattern, this time NS804 Marquina Campari black marble with white veins, was used to decorate wall panels in another room, creating a striking contrast and a high-end look.

ZX140 Ash Wood

ZX140 Ash Wood was applied to walls and wall panels, bringing the warm tones of golden wood to the interiors. It added a natural, inviting ambiance to the home, making the spaces feel cozy and elegant.

Photo Gallery

Below is a gallery of before and after photos highlighting the incredible changes we made to this home. The images capture the elegance and sophistication achieved with Nelcos interior films.

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