Staging House With Architectural Film

Breathing life into old interiors is our job, and we love it. It might be personal, but we have our favourites. A project on Keefer St in Downtown Vancouver is one of them. Not sure if it is because the project was in a penthouse where we had lots of space to demonstrate architectural film’s magic or because we cooperated with other installers, but everyone was astonished by the result, no doubt.

For this project, our client was a real estate agent who needed to stage a house. Staging a house for sale with the architectural film? The trend is already on the way. We refinished bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets, cupboards and a mini bar.


Real Silver Pattern
RM005 Real Metal from Metal Collection

Old scratched wood was no match for such a posh place to live. For the refacing, we used Silver Metal Pattern from Bodaq Interior Film Metal Collection. The process went according to our typical renovation routine:

  1. Remove cabinets doors for easier refinishing
  2. Sand all the surfaces
  3. Apply primer for better adhesion
  4. Reface doors and cabinets sides separately
  5. Place doors back

Check out the gallery below and you’ll be sure that renovation with the architectural film was a pivotal point in raising chances to sell that apartment.

By the way, we have short and detailed YouTube videos about this project. Interested in the process how nice it looks in motion? Watch them, too.

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