Front Desk Refinishing at U-Lok Vancouver

Cost-savvy solution for office surfaces

front desk refinishing with vinyl film


The U-lok reception desk had seen better days and was in need of a refresh. Completely replacing the millwork and furniture is expensive and time-consuming but with Bodaq Architectural films we were able to achieve the desired results by wrapping the existing surfaces

Why Bodaq instead of replacing?

  • A far more cost-effective solution
  • It replicates original materials like wood, stone, metal, and marble
  • Minimal disruption, as applying the film is clean, silent and odourless
  • Fire-rated, anti-fungal and anti-fingerprint solution
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain.
  • Environmentally friendly solution that minimizes waste by refinishing existing areas


Patterns and Process

For the countertop, we used NS815 Marble pattern. For the lower parts, we used SPW43 Light Oak and SPW44 Medium Oak from our Wood collection. 

We refinished the front desk project in 3 business days. Applying the film is silent, dust free and odourless, meaning the process is unobtrusive allowing business as usual.

You can find more than 500+ patterns in our catalogue. Stone, marble, wood, concrete, metal, fabric, leather… you can have them all!

Bodaq interior films have sufficient strength and durability, so we provide a 10-year warranty for the material.

U-lok frontdesk after

Watch our video about the project below

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