Revive and Refresh Your Home: Quick Tips

We’ve all experienced those times when we look around our home, and all we feel is uninspired. Maybe discontent. Perhaps boredom. If so, it’s time for a change. Your environment should be uplifting and inspiring, a place of quiet solitude, peace, and happiness. And a quick interior refresh is just the ticket to falling in love with your home again – but without the investment of a massive overhaul. Here, Nelcos Film shares small tips for big success.

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Paint Paint, Make It Go Away

Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint. Painting over things is a particularly effective solution when you’ve grown tired of a furniture or decor element. For example, if your TV console or desk just isn’t doing it for you anymore, consider painting over it to give it new life. In addition, Well and Good reports that every home needs a statement wall, which you can easily create with a bucket of paint. Simply pick a wall, and choose a more out-there color to draw focus to. And if you’re looking for a more elegant and sophisticated solution, architectural film finishes are a great option as they are customizable and easy to install. Be sure to check out some inspiring options at Nelcos film for the perfect surface finish look.

Find Spaces That Work Hard for You

What most homeowners don’t realize is that they have tons of square footage just going to waste. Have a guest room that no one really uses? Add features to it to make it work as an office or art studio! Similarly, a dull basement can transform into a meditation space, entertainment center, or workout studio. Work with a reliable contractor to get the room converted quickly and more professionally instead of DIYing it yourself. The cost of the project will depend on the materials and improvement you choose, as well as your location, but most economical renovations cost between $38,000-$98,000.

A Quick Rearrange Goes a Long Way

If you’re craving a quick start with none of the commitment, rearranging the furniture is your best bet. Move your sofa, living room set, and dining elements around, and don’t be afraid to get creative with it. You could even switch rooms! And if you’re feeling fancy, incorporate some feng shui into your layouts. Following the art of feng shui can mean your space promotes wellness and mental clarity in addition to looking good, which is always a win in our books! You’ll feel like your space looks ‘new’ and ‘refreshed,’ where in actuality, you didn’t have to spend a penny (or put in much effort).

The Great Purge

Bringing in fancy new decor items is great, but what about dealing with all the stuff you already have? According to American Addiction Centers, decluttering is a therapeutic process that is proven to reduce stress and anxiety. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting years’ worth of junk thrown out – and bonus: it’ll make your space look bigger and neater too. We suggest using the three-box method for an easy declutter: one box for trash, one for donations/ giving away, and one for recycling. This takes all the decision-making out of the process, so you’ll be ready to get purging. You’ll feel like a million bucks afterward – and so will your house.

Breathing new life into your home doesn’t need to be complicated and expensive. Small changes add up to significant results, especially when you’re going about the decorating process mindfully. Be sure to try these easy tips today to fall in love with your home all over again!

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Architectural film is a sustainable and cost-effective way to try different finishes in your interior projects. Nelcos is a proud distributor and installer of high-quality and customizable architectural film finishes. Click here for a free quote or contact us at 1-778-766-2133 for more information today!

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