Refinishing Public Washroom

Washrooms don’t have to be gloomy. Pictures below only prove it. Frankly speaking, the black decor doesn’t add up much to the washroom. It distorts the lighting; moreover, a public washroom is where you want to go and feel some refreshment after looking in the mirror. How can we achieve it with minimal investments? Our customer at 1110 Hamilton St. knew that contacting us was the right choice. Refinishing public washrooms with the architectural film is quite simple. Let’s see how it was done.


Architectural Film Solid Pattern
S217 Pattern from Solid Color Collection

In this project, our customer had a designer who meticulously chose the right color. And we couldn’t choose better! Typically, people like to have something exquisite like marble or cold stone, but this pattern (we are still arguing whether it’s Peach Yellow or Caramel) perfectly adds some warm tunes to the washroom.

Better than Traditional Renovation

We won’t stop repeating it: upgrading a space, whether private or public, shouldn’t come with tremendous costs. Paint would do for the doors, but what about the mirror and the sink? Let alone the fact that this is a high traffic area, and the paint is doomed to fade quite soon.

We enjoyed the final result, and we hope you will, too. Check out the gallery for a little peek into the process and the final result.

Commercial Renovation

We can upgrade any commercial property with Bodaq architectural vinyl film. Whether it is an elevator, restaurant, senior houseshopping center, beauty salonoffice, or a gallery – we can wrap it all! 

Give us a call – 778-666-2133 or email at [email protected] to request a free consultation!

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