Regina Office Makeover: Hail Insurance

The Impact of BODAQ Interior Films at Hail Insurance

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We are excited to share the details of an impressive project from Regina. The Co-operative Hail Insurance offices on 13th Ave underwent a remarkable transformation, showcasing the versatility and beauty of BODAQ interior films.

Project Overview

Location: Co-operative Hail Insurance, 13th Ave, Downtown Regina

Architect: Alton Tangedal Architect, Regina

Installer: Artek Films Solutions, Regina and Moose Jaw

Before and After: A Visual Journey

The project involved wrapping the doors and cupboards in the basement with BODAQ film, resulting in a stunning transformation. The patterns used were  SPW93 Soft White Oak and ZX125 (old PZ010) Oak Dark Wood from the Wood Collection, which brought a fresh, modern look to the space.

While the film was used to wrap the doors and cabinet doors, the designer opted to paint the toilet partitions. Reflecting on this decision, she expressed regret, saying:

"I wish we had wrapped the partitions too. It would have created a more cohesive and polished look for the entire space."

The difference is evident, and wrapping the partitions with the interior film would have enhanced the overall aesthetic even more.

Client and Contractor Satisfaction

Both the client and the general contractor were extremely pleased with the results. The transformation not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the space but also demonstrated the practical benefits of using BODAQ interior films.

Photo Gallery

Below are some before and after shots showcasing the incredible change:

This project in Regina is a testament to the power of BODAQ interior films. Whether you’re looking to refresh an office, a home, or any other space, our films offer a cost-effective, eco-friendly solution that delivers stunning results.

Stay tuned for more exciting projects and transformations. If you have any questions or want to know more about our products, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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