Vinyl film installation by Sherwin-Williams in Winnipeg

Film Installation | Sherwin-Williams, Winnipeg

A Great Solution For Office Renovation

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Table after the renovation with the vinyl film

Cabinets And Table Refinishing

The interior finish from Nelcos is fast and easy to install. This has been proven by our partners Sherwin-Williams in Winnipeg, who has chosen to install the vinyl film independently.

There were some old pieces of furniture in their store, which needed to be replaced. But the Sherwin-Williams team decided to go another way and renovate everything. They have completed installation by themselves and it turned out to be great! Please take a look at the before and after photos from 

In this refinishing project, the vinyl film DW802 Weathered Gray wood pattern from the Wood Collection has been used. 

The catalogue and swatches of the Nelcos vinyl film
The DW802 Vintage Wood pattern

If you’re looking for a solution to renovate your office faster, cleaner and more affordable, then Nelcos interior film is just right for you. All the refinishing works are quiet and not going to distract your work schedule.

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