December 16, 2020 at 03:00 AM EST

Architectural film: an innovative self-adhesive stretchable refinishing product for interior design and decoration.

BURNABY, BC, December 16, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/


After successful growth in Asia and Europe, BODAQ architectural film became the product of choice to use when renovating homes, offices, and commercial spaces.

In 2019 Nelcos Distribution Inc, the official representative of Hyundai L&C Corporation, (the manufacturer of BODAQ architectural film) began to grow their business in the North American market.

Nelcos vision is to showcase Bodaq’s benefits over the traditional route of fixing or buying new by educating the interior design and renovation markets in North America on the benefits of this process.

Some of the product lines are stocked locally, thus shortening the delivery times, however, any pattern that a customer likes can be ordered from the full catalog and will be delivered from South Korea.

"The innovative product offers interior designers a world of options in material choice; it gives residential clients the freedom to refresh their homes without disrupting their lives; and it provides managers of office and commercial interiors the option to restyle their environments – and draw in sophisticated clients and customers – without creating material waste."

For those who are interested in joining as partners in this venture to advocate the new culture in interior design, there are partnership programs available. Nelcos offers a variety of sample kits to experience the product firsthand.

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