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Bodaq Architectural Film Catalog 2020

We have already announced our new Catalog 2020, where you could find all the new patterns of different architectural films – interior, exterior, exclusive, skins, etc. To learn more about our new appliance skins follow the link – Make your appliance look new again! 

After you have checked this new type of architectural film, let’s continue to the rest of the new catalog pages.

Premium Marble

Firstly, let’s start with gorgeous marble patterns from the Stone & Marble Collection.  Below, are presented some of new marble patterns.

Nelcos architectural film pattern PM002 - Fantasy Marble
PM002 Fantasy Marble
Nelcos architectural film pattern PM005 Terrazzo
PM005 Terrazzo
Nelcos Architectural film pattern PM004 Terrazzo
PM004 Terrazzo

The marble patterns can be used to cover the existing but dated stone surfaces, as we have done at our Edmonton project. Or you can cover walls with it to imitate stone. 

Nelcos Architectural Film Pattern for interior renovation - PM002 Fantasy Marble

Real Fabric

Also, in the new catalog, there are new fabric patterns that feel like real fabric. However, in contrary to fabric, you can wrap these patterns around any surface – walls, furniture, even doors.

Some of new patterns are presented below.

Nelcos architectural film pattern RF006 Real Fabric
RF006 Real Fabric
Nelcos architectural film pattern RF005 Real Fabric
RF005 Real Fabric
Nelcos architectural film pattern RF007 Real Fabric
RF007 Real Fabric
Real Fabric architectural film patterns

Exterior Patterns

The outdoor solutions are now also present in the catalog. So you can choose from the six semi-gloss patterns available for now.

EXF01 White Powder
EXF02 Gunmetal Gray
EXF03 Navy Blue
EXF04 Onyx Black
EXF05 Cement
EXF06 Bronze Dragon

The exterior patterns can be applied on outdoor surfaces because they are more durable and can withstand weather conditions. In the photo below you can see on of the possible ways to use this type of film, which is to wrap the exterior walls of a building

Exterior Architectural Film

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