Total Mini Kitchen Makeover | Before and After

Small Spaces Can Be Changed Too

Kitchen Renovation in Vancouver | Kitchen #3


Our new projects consisted of three different types of surfaces the installation team had to wrap. Therefore this turned out to be a total mini kitchen makeover that transformed the look of cabinetry, counters, and fridge. A new look was achieved relatively quick and easy, without dust or need to not use a kitchen for days. As a side note, the number of hours spent on the renovation depends on the size of a kitchen, the complexity of curves on cabinet doors, and the type of surface.


For this project, we have used three architectural film patterns from our Catalog. These are:

Please take a look at the before and after photos of our total mini kitchen makeover to see how we have transformed it.

Follow the link to see how we have also refinished a kitchen in Coal Harbour, Vancouver

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