Mid Island Cabinets At Installation Training from Nelcos

Bodaq Introduction and Installation

Mid Island Cabinets - Installation Training with Nelcos

Training for Mid Island Cabinets Team

This Tuesday, October 6, we were happy to show architectural film installation techniques to the team of Mid Island Cabinets.  Our installer Eugene showed how the vinyl film can be wrapped around surfaces, how it can be stretched to be applied around edges and corners. In this case, architectural vinyl is a perfect solution for kitchen cabinets refinish. When you are short on budget but still want to have a stylish updated kitchen, Bodaq architectural vinyl film is a perfect solution. 

Please see the gallery below to know how the training went and what results we achieved.

Do You Want To Be Trained?

Are you interested in joining one of our installation training sessions? Or would like to held a training at your place? Or the other option of becoming a Bodaq certified installer is more compelling to you? Then, feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.

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Please see the following link for more information about installation training sessions we have held previously:


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