Kitchen and Bathroom Contactless Refinish

Renovation with Nelcos

Cement Star Interior Film on the Bathroom Vanity
N703 Cement Star Interior Film

Nelcos is back with a new project. This time we have renovated two spaces in a residential place. That is a kitchen and bathroom. In this case, these rooms were outdated and required a major upgrade.

Contactless renovation

As we are still in the situation that requires extra caution due to COVID-19, most of the wrapping was performed contactless – in the Nelcos warehouse. This way, we minimize the risks for our installers and clients.


During this renovation, several architectural film patterns were used. In the kitchen, we have refinished cabinets and kitchen island with BZ883 Oak Light Wood from the TOP-50 patterns

And in the bathroom, we have upgraded surfaces of cabinets and vanity countertop with DW802 Weathered Gray Wood from the Wood Collection and NS703 Cement Star from the Stone&Marble Collection, respectively.

Please, take a closer look at the before and after photos of the project. Do you like the final result? 

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