Contactless Renovation | Kitchen Makeover by Nelcos

Or How Nelcos Upgrades Interiors

Kitchens get a new look pretty often, as this is the area that wears out fast. And you have to agree that trends in kitchen design change all the time. To achieve a modern look, one should use clear lines and patterns, contemporary handles and materials. For the last option, we have you covered. Architectural film from Nelcos will take your renovation to a new level.


This time, we had renovated an outdated kitchen because the owner wanted to implement a new style in the room. So our installation team had turned it into a fabulous space with the BZ883 Oak film from the Rich Wood Collection.

Please take a closer look at the project in the gallery below.

Contactless renovation

Intending to keep social distancing, the entire project remained a contactless renovation that had been performed in our warehouse. This measure was set up due to current circumstances. For the project, our installers took off every detail that needed covering, while the owner remained in a separate room. Every piece was covered in the warehouse, then delivered and put back in its place.

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