Introducing Bodaq Architectural Finish

Meet Architectural Film in North America

Hello, North America from Nelcos!

Nelcos is a proud distributor of Bodaq architectural vinyl film. 

The architectural film is designed for interior surfaces refinishing and decoration. It can be used on cabinets, counters, walls, ceilings, doors, tables, and desks. Although it is a new product in North America, it’s a standard in Asia and Europe. There, the architectural film is growing in popularity year after year, while traditional methods continue to decline.

After ten years in Asia, an architectural vinyl film is number one for interior surface finishing. As a result, major hotels, restaurants, elevator companies, and retail stores are decorated with the product. Residential markets have caught on and use architectural film solutions too. It’s a convenient decision because it eliminates the need to remove baseboards, tape, lay tarps, or cut in. The renovation with a vinyl film saves time and money. Furthermore, there is no smell, noise, dirt, and dust. Films also have a long life expectancy.

The Bodaq® Interior Film is a high-quality self-adhesive surface material. Diverse patterns & textures along with colorful designs provide lots of choices for a beautiful interior space.


After successful growth in Asia, the move to the European markets was obvious. And after eight years in Europe, the architectural film became a new norm extending the life of homes, offices, and commercial spaces.

Here, at Nelcos, we aim to introduce the Bodaq architectural film from Hyundai to Canada and the US. Some of the product lines are stocked locally, so there is no need to wait for it to be delivered from Korea. However, we can deliver any pattern from the catalog if you’d like to.


And finally, a review from a satisfied client says it all.

"As a mom of three boys, it is great for me to have the architectural film on my walls, especially, when the kids are practicing soccer in our family room. Not to mention, the entry walls. Just as soon as I finish painting a dent, scrape, or scratch would appear. And it always seemed to happen a week or less after I completed. And the artwork, done with permanent markers, crayons, and pens aren't easily removed from drywall. Typically, I would wash the paint off to get the stain out. But now our walls can be spray painted, and with a cleaning solution, the wall will come back to a new clean look. The product gets a 10 out of 10 from me."

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