Washroom Renovation at A&W in North Vancouver, BC

A Long-Lasting Durable Upgrade

Nelcos is a brand new product not only in the Vancouver market but also in British Columbia, Canada, the USA, and in entire North America. We are working hard to let people know what a wonderful answer our product is to a lot of different refinishing situations.


A&W is currently changing its look by upgrading and refacing its interiors for a fresh clean look. They have been using a veneer to resurface a lot of the interiors at a significant cost. Nelcos offered an architectural film, which is a solution that saves time, money, and extends the life of interiors.


When we arrived, we intended to do the door to the handicap washroom. However, we also discovered that surfaces below the sink counter in the same bathroom needed repair – laminate was chipped and peeled off. The manager asked if we could fix that for him, and we were happy to help. Firstly, we removed torn and tattered laminate, replaced it with our architectural vinyl film that completed the transformation. Now the counter surface looks excellent.


Alan, our master installer, completed wrapping the counter in an hour. He also renovated the door and its frame using classic PZ884 Oak Wood Film Pattern. The door went through a tremendous change from a tired, scratched, banged, chipped one to a classic oak surface. There is no longer a need to replace or cover with a laminate or paint and deal with chips. The architectural vinyl film is resistant to stains, scratches, has a life expectancy of more than 10 years, and looks great.


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