Benefits For Business From Vinyl Film

The standard renovation usually involves noise, dust and dirt. In order to carry out renovation, most often it is necessary to close the entire space, becoming unsafe for customers. This type of work takes a lot of time, is highly expensive and causes a lot of inconvenience.

Benefits With Vinyl Film

It’s cleaner

Working with the film is much cleaner. Most of the waste is from the clippings of the film itself, making for easier cleanup after the installation.

Installation architectural vinyl film

It’s less noisy

In most cases the loudest thing you will hear is the sound of the heat gun, which is comparable to the noise of a hair dryer. Causing less distraction to the staff and customers.

heat gun with vinyl film

It’s cost-savvy and sustainable

We are able to bring a new life to old worn out surfaces. Surfaces that may have been disposed of in the past can be revitalized creating a more sustainable solution. Instead of overpaying and buying new furniture, architectural film allows you to update the look, remaining attractive for at least 5-10 years.

IKEA renovations cashier desk

It’s durable

Despite the film being light and thin, it retains its appearance and texture, even despite high load usage. For example IKEA uses Bodaq Film for its cashier desks which are considered high loaded places. The film is flame-retardant, resistant to scratches and humidity.

durability of the vinyl film

Almost everything could be wrapped

Areas of application are vast: walls, panels, countertops, cabinets, furniture, doors, elevators, yachts, shower stalls, ceiling, floor, front desks, window sills, handrails etc.

Just a couple of installers can wrap all these objects, hence you do not need to call a new team every time you renovate each individual surface, saving time and money.

faux beams installation

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