Office Renovation Cost

Office renovation is always an expensive and time-consuming process. But now there is an alternative that will help achieve the same result only for much less money and time.

In this article, we will compare the price difference between a standard renovation and using architectural film.

The Office Before Renovation

old kitchen before renovation
Cabinets & Countertop
old kitchen before renovation
office storage
Office Storage
countertops and shelves before renovation
Shelves & Countertop
tables before renovation
6 Office Desks
Lots of Damaged Surfaces

The entire office was in a horrible and outdated condition. In this case, most owners prefer to carry out a complete renovation of the office.

Standard renovation implies the following processes:

  • Choosing new furniture
  • Designer’s labour hours expenses
  • Removal of old furniture expenses
  • Costs for the installation of new furniture
  • Managing a large number of processes
  • Long waiting time for finished furniture.

Also, the longer the renovation is carried out, the longer the business remains closed and does not bring any income.

The standard renovation cost would be $42,000, but we got the same result by wrapping with architectural film the old surfaces just for $17,000!

The Office After Renovation With Film

cabinets and countertops after refinishing
Cabinets & Countertop
office storage after refinishing
Office Storage
countertop and shelves after refinishing
Shelves & Countertop
office desks after refinishing
6 Office Desks
metal pattern
Refinished Damaged Surfaces

Closer Look At The Textures

concrete pattern
NS401 Light Concrete
PTW11 Wood
smt05 cabinets refinished with film
SMT05 Ligth Gray & NS814 Marble

Office renovation using architectural film is a much faster and less expensive process.
This film looks and feels like an original material as it has a relief structure.

In addition, it has great strength and is excellent for high-passable places. Most of our films have Class A fire protection.

Architectural films can be applied to any surface at any condition, as a faster, cleaner and quicker approach to renovation. It doesn’t matter whether it’s flat furniture or warped edges. All can be upgraded and renewed with a new look, creating a smooth and modern appeal.  

Why you should consider the architectural film:

  • Custom design. Your table can be concrete and your cabinets can be matte black. You choose your color and texture. We have more than 450 patterns.
  • Durability. Wrapped furniture does not wear out and can withstand most of the damage. Forget about paint cracks and scratches. The new interiors will serve you flawlessly for 10+ years.
  • Cheaper for large areas. Upgrading an entire office is way more budget-friendly than buying new again. Our approach will save 50% of your budget.

If you want to know more about the product, feel free to ask for a FREE quote and estimate.

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