Apartment Entry Door Renovation: Don’t Buy New, Refinish

Because Entry Doors Are Important

An entry door is the first thing you see when approaching the apartment or going out of it. So you want it to be in perfect condition and look great. But what if your door is old or you simply don’t like how it looks? 

The solution is obvious – replace or refinish it!

There are plenty of drawbacks to these decisions. Door replacement can cost significantly more than refinishing. And refinishing can be a pain – dust from sanding, the smell of paint, the need for respiratory protection, and headache afterward when you’ll need to dispose of rags. Here, at Nelcos, we are sure that renovation has to be easy, fast, and affordable. And that is what we offered in this project.

The entry door renovation

We have refinished an old door in a residential building with the XP103 Teak vinyl film pattern from the Wood Collection.

Take a look at the before and after photos of the apartment entry door renovation. This amazing transformation was possible with the Nelcos architectural vinyl film, which allows you to change your old doors without the need to buy new ones.

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If you would like to renovate something at your property, call us or send an email at [email protected]. We have a variety of patterns to choose from and will gladly assist you in this decision.


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