Installation Training | Nelcos, January 2020

Or Learn How to Install the Vinyl Film

Installation training at Nelcos

Nelcos Installation Training was a Success! 

We are so happy to announce that our first installation training in 2020 turned out to be a success! We had all the fun in the world with our attendees who learned basic steps on how to install the vinyl architectural film and even tried it themselves.

You are invited!

The vinyl architectural film is a new product in North America. Our goal is to educate everyone on it and spread the word on how amazing, beautiful and safe this product is. We use it ourselves, we recommend it to friends and families, and we want you to try it too! 

At the training, you will have the opportunity to:  

1. Discover Endless Design and Texture Possibilities of Architectural Film.
2. Learn Practical Aspects of Surface Preparation and Application of Architectural Film.
3. Get an Update about Our Latest Renovation Projects in the Vancouver Area.

Do not miss your chance at our last FREE installation training on January 31st! Book your spot right now! Spots are limited!

Contact us by phone or email – [email protected].  

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If you would like to visit the next installation training from Nelcos, please fill the form and we will get in touch with you to confirm your presence.


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