Pillars Refinishing

Unusual application of the film. Pillars

Pillars tend to wear off, especially in high-loaded places. They get stained and scratched. Most owners choose to paint them, but the paint peels off and fades.
It requires redoing the process every year. Also, the paint looks cheap and straightforward.

We offer a solution that will make any design dream come true hassle-free. Glossy white, matte, concrete, marble – you can have it all. Structure of the film completely imitates the colours and textures of natural materials.

refinish pillars with architectural film
architectural film can be applied on any surfaces

The architectural film can be applied almost to any surface and condition. In this case, just a little preparation is needed.

Even with a preparation cost, the architectural film is a way cost-effective solution. Just imagine how difficult to make this pillar concrete. Repainting will ultimately lose pillars’ appeal.

What is pillars refinishing with architectural vinyl film:

  • Saves 50% of your budget
  • 5-year warranty
  • Noise and hustle free
  • Almost everything could be done in just one or few days

The Final Result Of The Pillars Refinishing

Design trends change rapidly; that’s why we have 450+ textures and patterns. With architectural vinyl film, you can make all your design wishes come true.

pillar refinished with architectural film

Real Texture

The drawback of many vinyl finishes is that they are boring and simple. They look and feel flat and smooth, even when the texture is supposed to replicate concrete or wood grains. But when it comes to Bodaq interior films. The tactile sensation is identical to the natural material. It’s non-slippery and rough.


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