How to Improve the Look of Your Hotel Rooms?

Affordable Elegance: Transforming Hotel Rooms with Bodaq Interior Film

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It is crucial to keep hotel room interiors fresh and inviting. However, the cost of renovations can often be a significant challenge. Nelcos offers a refinishing solution – a game-changer in affordable yet elegant hotel updates. Let’s delve into the transformative journey of Hotel de Soleil in Vancouver, BC, where rooms were revamped using Bodaq interior film.

The Art of Affordability

Redefining Elegance on a Budget

Renovating hotel rooms doesn’t have to break the bank. Bodaq Interior Film is a cost-effective solution to upgrade your space without compromising the style. At Hotel de Soleil, the renovation project focused on enhancing aesthetics but with savvy financial choices.

A Touch of Luxury – RF008 Beige Herringbone Weave

Immerse in Texture and Style

One standout choice for Hotel de Soleil was the RF008 Beige Herringbone Weave from the Fabric Collection. This interior film brings a tactile experience to the walls, imitating the soft and sophisticated V-shaped weaving pattern of twill fabric. The result? A touch of luxury that captivates guests and sets the tone for a memorable stay.

Before After

Bathed in Opulence – APZ05 Gold Crack

Gilded Glamour in the Bathroom

One of the patterns from the Metal Collection took center stage for the bathroom walls. APZ05 Gold Crack interior film features a gold surface adorned with black veining, reminiscent of gilded wall coverings in antique Italian style. The result is a splendor bathroom that elevates the overall ambiance of each guest’s retreat.

Easy Application, Lasting Impact

Seamless Installation for Minimal Disruption

One of the remarkable features of Bodaq Interior Film is its ease of application. The installation process is quick and efficient, minimizing disruption to hotel operations. Hotel de Soleil experienced a seamless transformation, allowing them to refresh their rooms without inconveniencing guests.

Elevate Your Hotel with Bodaq Interior Film

As the case of Hotel de Soleil illustrates, Nelcos can bring affordable luxury to hotel renovations. Whether you aim to infuse texture with the Fabric Collection or add a touch of glamour with the Metal Collection, the interior films offer myriad possibilities. Elevate your hotel rooms, impress your guests, and do it all without breaking the budget.

Ready to start your transformation journey? Contact Nelcos today and discover the magic of Bodaq Interior Film.

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