Golden Elevator Panels: A Stylish Decision for One Building

Golden Elevator Panels: A Stylish Decision for One Building

Yacht Harbour Pointe Building Elevator Interior Upgrade

Have you ever dreamt of a fancy elevator interior in the building you own? How does it look in your dreams? Like an art deco decorated enclosure inspired by The Great Gatsby or more like fashionable interiors of The InStyle Golden Globe Elevator? 

We can definitely help you with making your interior design wishes come true! There are several golden patterns in the Bodaq Metal Collection, which are also fire-rated and suitable for elevator cabs.

Golden Architectural Film Patterns

Nelcos APZ05 Gold Crack Interior Film - Metal Collection
APZ05 Gold Crack
Nelcos APZ18 Metal Wave Interior Film - Metal Collection
APZ18 Gold Metal Wave
Nelcos APZ25 Brushed Metal Interior Film - Metal Collection
APZ25 Vintage Gold
Nelcos APZ26 Golden Fabric Interior Film - Metal Collection
APZ26 Gold Geometry
RM007 Real Metal Gold
RM051 Vegas Gold

The Project: Golden Panel 

At the Yacht Harbour Pointe, they already had a classic combination of rich wood and golden panels in the elevator cabin. However, the golden panels wore out with time, had lots of scratches and dents, and desperately needed some love. At this point, Nelcos came to the rescue.

From the variety of patterns, APZ05 Gold Crack interior film became a favorite. 

In the film pattern, black cracks highlight the golden backdrop, making it stand out. And with a growing 2021 trend on the gold tones implemented in the interior design, this pattern will make the interior go with the gold aesthetic of the year. 

APZ05 Gold Crack Bodaq interior film pattern
APZ05 Gold Crack Nelcos Architectural Film
APZ05 Gold Crack Interior Film - Exclusive Collection

Golden Elevator: The Result

So our team started their work. See the result below.

Golden Elevator Panels - before and after

P.S. And you won’t even need the InStyle Golden Elevator Instagram effect to take pictures in your elevator.

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