Elevator Cabin Refinishing | The LEX Building, Vancouver

The Lex Building Elevator Cabin Surfaces Upgrade

While renovating the interior of an elevator can be expensive and time-consuming, refinishing the walls and doors with the architectural film isn’t! Here at Nelcos, we are happy to offer time and cost-efficient solutions for our customers and help them make their space look like new.

Elevator Cabin Refinishing Project

Back in September 2020, we have completed an exciting project of refinishing the walls and doors of an elevator at The Lex building located at the heart of Downtown Vancouver.

The wooden surface of the elevator looked tired and outdated. Therefore, our client chose to refinish it with the silver, metal-like pattern that made the elevator look modern and stunning! 

The Pattern

For this project, we have used RM006 Vintage Brushed Silver Interior Film – Metal Collection. We find it to be an excellent choice for spaces with limited lighting as metal patterns create a reflection that makes a narrow elevator cabin look brighter.

If you are not a big fan of metal, you can always choose something else from the variety of Bodaq patterns. We suggest TOP-5 patterns for elevator cabin upgrade – Nelcos TOP-5.

Besides, metal-like patterns excellently match the button panel as well as the handrails of the elevators. Therefore, the refinished parts look seamless and harmonious with the rest of the interior. 

We have more architectural vinyl film patterns that imitate metal surfaces. Please check our online catalog for more architectural film patterns like this.

Before and After Photos

Commercial Renovations

We can upgrade any commercial property with Bodaq architectural vinyl film. Whether it is an elevator, restaurant, senior house, beauty salon, office, or a gallery – we can wrap it all! 

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