Why Is It Important to Have an Upgraded Office?

Why Is It Important To Have An Upgraded Office?

Firstly, when your employees enjoy their work environment, they tend to be more productive and committed to the work process.

Secondly, the office is the face of the company; potential customers often pay attention to how your office looks. A comfortable and welcoming office environment helps them to unconsciously make up their mind about whether they would like to pursue your services.

Usually, the renovation of an office is an expensive and time-consuming process. There is always a lot of dust and noise. In some cases, you even have to shut your operations down, which creates inconvenience for you and your customers.

Nelcos provides a revolutionary way to make renovation much more convenient. No noise, no dust, and a cost-savvy solution. Save 50% of your budget and time!

In addition, the multi-layer film structure ensures that your surfaces maintain their colour and texture for 10+ years.

Our Office Renovation Projects

Front Desks

Before After
Before After


Before After
Before After

Walls & Flooring

Before After
Before After

Also we can wrap doors, elevators, countertops, cabinets, cashier desks.
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Office renovation might be challenging. If you are considering an office upgrade, you are probably thinking of the following benefits:

  • Good impression on office visitors and customers
  • Improved employees’ productivity
  • Refreshed space to retain old employees and attract new ones
  • Readjusted attitude and aesthetics of the office

These objectives are commendable but cannot be achieved with simple wall repainting; also, buying new in most cases is highly expensive. Nelcos solution solves all of these problems. Our customers value their money and time so do we. Our approach will save 50% of your budget and time.

faster renovation
cleaner renovation


easier renovation


less expensive renovation



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