Huge Fireplace Wall Renovation in West Vancouver!

Fireplace wall renovation in West Vancouver

Living Room Upgrade

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Living room renovation can be quite costly. Additionally, it will take lots of time, bring noise and dust to your place. On the contrary, we offer you a more affordable, less noisy, cleaner, and faster way to renovate your interior. That is an installation of the interior film from Nelcos. Architectural vinyl film can be installed in a few hours, without dust or dirt. The amount of time spent on the installation depends on the surface and its area. We will give you an approximate calculation of the time your desired project will take us to finish. You can also enjoy being at your place during refinishing or don’t stop the work of your business to renovate it.

Huge Fireplace Wall Project

At the place of our new project, we had a challenge for our installation team. The fireplace wall there is really impressive. But we have completed this project on time. Just a few hours and the look of the entire living room was amazingly transformed.
For the project, we used the RM004 Real Metal pattern from the Textures Collection.

Huge Fireplace Wall Renovation

Before and After

Please check out the photos below to see the before and after look of the huge fireplace wall we have transformed recently.

Request a quote!

If you would like to renovate your place and make it look more sophisticated, feel free to contact us by phone or email at [email protected], and we will gladly assist you. 

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