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Renovate Your Kitchen With Architectural Film

Kitchen cabinets refinishing

There are many ways to change the look of your kitchen. However, the most cost-effective, fast and easy option is to refinish the existing cabinets with the architectural film.

We start from the free in-home assessment and measuring. Then you decide what pattern you would like to see on the surface of your kitchen. Should it be rich wood or solid color texture on the cabinetry, or black or white marble on the countertop – you choose. After you’ve made your choice, our installation team will do the rest. And in a few hours, you will be admiring the look of your completely transformed as-new kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

The installers wrap the existing surfaces with the film so that they look new and exactly like you want them to look. The installation is quick, and the final result looks fantastic. There are also more than 500 patterns in the catalog that look and feel like real wood, marble, stone, or paint. You can create your dream kitchen at a fraction of a price.

Kitchen Renovation in Vancouver | Kitchen #3

Kitchen # 1

You have already seen our previous project of a kitchen renovation that took place in the Coal Harbour residential building. This kitchen is a perfect example of a marvelous transformation with the architectural film. After just a few hours, the look of the entire room changed. And the Nelcos installation team has done everything without noise, dust, or dirt.

Kitchen Renovation in Vancouver

For this kitchen, we used two different patterns:

Before After

Kitchen # 2

The second kitchen is also in a residential building. It looked outdated, and an owner wanted to express his style in the room. So our installation team had turned it looking fabulous  with the  BZ883 Oak film from the Rich Wood Collection.

Kitchen #3

And last but not least, the third kitchen renovation project. This time, it was a small kitchen where we not only refaced cabinets but also wrapped a countertop and fridge. The complete look is amazing.

For this project, we have used three architectural film patterns from our Catalog. These are:

Please take a look at the before and after photos of the kitchen renovation in Vancouver.

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