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Looking for business ideas? Expand your expertise or store products with Nelcos

Do you believe that new revolutionary products on the market can be an excellent opportunity for you and your company? Do you have enough passion and energy to change old habits to something new and better for clients?

Then, we have a great business opportunity available for you with the ARCHITECTURAL VINYL FILM from NELCOS Distribution Inc.

The main advantages of this material compare to traditional renovation methods are: 

  • Cost-effectiveness (up to 50% save on renovation projects) 
  • Durability (compare to paint and wallpaper, it is perfect for high traffic areas)
  • Quiet, fast, odor-free way of renovation (no mess, no dust, or other inconveniences related to business interruptions)

The architectural film is pretty new for North America but well known in Asia and Europe. Interior vinyl film comes in rolls like wallpaper, but it is a self-adhesive, very durable material. This finishing material has hundreds of different patterns: wood, stone, fabric, paint, leather, etc. And it does not only looks but also feels exactly like the original material – whether it is wood or concrete or leather.

So, the new interior finishing material can be installed on any surface: walls, doors, wall panels, cabinets, actually anything. In this case, the customer will have a surface that looks and feels like real wood or stone or metal for a fraction of the cost of original materials, and it will be installed without demolishing and replacing the old surface. 

What NELCOS can offer you?

Nelcos Distribution Inc. is the official importer and distributor in North America of the leading South Korean manufacturer of architectural film – HYUNDAI L&C Corp. – branch of a well known Korean conglomerate.

Having experience in selling, installations, training, Nelcos can support you if you decide to provide your clients with the interior vinyl film:

  • Marketing support (joint presentations, trade shows participation, marketing materials, internet promotion support, and much more)
  • Sales support (training for your sales reps, joint meetings with your VIP clients when you just start and not very confident in your product’s knowledge)
  • Technical support (an installation training, support during your own first few installations, consultations)
  • Product support (a quality architectural film made by Hyundai L&C for a fair price with a flexible discount system and 5 years warranty, the amount you need – starting from low quantity).
Here are some options to allow you to work and grow independently:


The opportunity would be a perfect fit for those who are looking to grow their expertise and add a new product installation specialty and services to the list of existing ones. With Nelcos, you can learn how to install architectural vinyl films and provide this service to your clients.

This option is for you if you: 

  • Are detail-oriented and proficient in repairs, carpentry, painting, wallpaper installation, and/or general construction or have any other similar skills
  • Don`t want to miss a new trend in the renovation/construction market and want to know how to install a new product
  • Want to change your specialization because you are tired of what you did before or you just like trying new
  • Need an extra income and ready to learn something new



The opportunity is a basic one. It allows you to use your connections in the construction and renovation businesses to promote our product. On these conditions, you will receive 15% of any order from your customer.

The option is an excellent choice if you:

  • Want to add value to your Company for your customer(s)/partner(s)
  • Look for additional income without any investments and with minimum effort
  • Ready to present the Nelcos solution to your partner(s) and connect Nelcos and your customer(s)/partner(s)


The third option available could be interesting for you if you resell interior design and construction materials. By working with Nelcos, you can add the architectural vinyl to your inventory and start earning more.

The option is perfect for you if you:

  • Already resell design and construction materials
  • Have an extensive client`s base or a solid lead generation system
  • Look for new alternatives and products to offer your clients and customers


And last but not least – the option of becoming a distributor of the Nelcos architectural vinyl films. You can become a part of spreading a new culture in interior design with Nelcos.

This is an option for you if you:

  • Are an entrepreneur looking for a new business idea and are ready to invest your time and money
  • Want to have exclusive rights in your region and develop your local market
  • Want to have a reliable supplier and partner that is ready to support you, and not only provide a great product but also assist you in building your business

Make your dream about your own business become a reality with Nelcos

Contact us today and we will be happy to assist and choose the right program for you. 


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