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Interior Design! Why Pink?

Have you ever wondered why pink is so popular? The answer is simple. It is gaining more popularity because it influences our mood. Its smoothing appearance and softness of the tone always represented delicacy, romance, and femininity. If this is how you feel about pink when you see it, it might be one of your favorite colours. The influencing power makes it suitable for indoors and outdoors use; choosing a perfect shade will create the ideal solution for your interior needs.

Most Trending Shades of Pink

pink in interior

Our culture has become so diverse that we seek diversity in every aspect of our life. That involves colour selection for our daily lives or special occasions. For example, in recent years the pink Christmas tree has been a famous bucket list for holiday decoration. Designing your bedroom, living room, or kitchen has been a trend with the colour pink. It appears that people choose different shades according to their moods or psychology. For instance, to promote positive emotions, good health, well-being, and softness; a light shade is mostly chosen. On the other hand, the darker shade of pink is mostly used to represent an uplifting mood, excitement, and youthfulness. The most trending colour is Fuchsia, which is a very vibrant shade. Followed by pastel, Rose colour, and dark pink.

Rethink Interior with Bodaq Films

Renovations are always a lengthy process but with Bodaq it’s more than easy now. Whether it’s a summer renovation or a modern luxury kitchen or a home remodeling, Bodaq has solutions for all. Do not have to waste time and money with a home renovation contractor. Particularly when you want to decorate with your desired colors like pastel or rose pink, Bodaq has all its options. The newly published catalog has all its different colors and styles. The selection process is easy to choose from and installation is fast.

Let’s assume you have a special day coming; you and your husband decided to create a pink colour theme living room to invite some close friends and have a get-together. Or, you opened a new gym and you have selected a darker shade of pink for your gym office interior. Or, you have decided to change the elevator to your bridal store, and have a pink interior. Nelcos offers all the solutions for all your interior needs with lots of packages or individual deals. You can get a free quote on the prices just by filling in some information and asking for free samples.

In the pictures above, it is one of Nelcos’ projects where we have refinished the office washroom in the pink tones – with the help of S217 film pattern from the Solid Colors Collection.

Show Off the Color You Like!

Pink used to be a sign of femininity, and softness but pop culture is changing and challenging all the norms. The colors represent our moods, and our inner understanding of colors as we interact with nature. And, the color pink represents inner strength and some softness. So, let’s rethink all the norms and rethink pink as a color, as a mood, as a representation of our understanding of life, not just what norms have been like.

Do you feel inspired for the changes?

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