Wall Renovation at NextGen Office in Burnaby, BC

Wall renovation at Nextgen Offices, Burnaby, BC

First Official Installation in Canada

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NextGen Offices, Steel Creek Drive, Burnaby

NextGen Offices + McDonald`s + Nelcos. What is common between them?

WestCoast design is well known for bringing nature into the interiors of our daily lives. The excellent example of just such a building is found in Burnaby, BC, at the NextGen Building where its lobby is home to four large towering trees growing strong to the glass ceiling above. The setting gives way to shade, tranquility, in a relaxed atmosphere. It is home to many Burnaby businesses as well as head office for MacDonald’s west coast division. A beautiful building bringing bold new architectural designs and materials into their work space.

Here at Nelcos, we are extremely grateful to be included in the interior design of such a structure; our first official installation into the lower mainland market. A small project in a shared area for all businesses to see. The NextGen Office is immaculately maintained and our architectural film added to its style and feel.

Beautiful background wall

Wall renovation

The entire facelift with PZ101 Vintage Wood Architectural Film took Nelcos Distribution two hours, without the usual mess required with taping, baseboard removal, tarps and dust for a traditional paint job. This is the way of the future, adding years of wear, durability to stand up to everyday use and designs that bring style to your interiors.

We know, that businesses in NextGen offices and management of MacDonald’s feel the difference.

Refinished wall at NextGen office

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Our film can be applied to indoor spaces like ceiling, walls, fire doors, partition doors, and other surfaces whether they are flat or curved. It is suitable anywhere where there is a demand for a design-forward durable surface – commercial, residential spaces, malls, stores, hospitality.

Feel free to contact us by phone or email to request a quote, and we will gladly assist you.

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