Vancouver Lunch and Learn with Sherwin-Williams

Learn About Architectural Film from Nelcos

Vancouver Lunch and Learn at Sherwin-Williams


The Lunch and Learn seminars became traditional events for the Nelcos team. On these seminars, we present amazing characteristics of vinyl film, show it’s gorgeous textures and patterns. There is a great variety of those in our Catalog, which consists of Wood, Stone & Marble, and Texture. And, you have to believe, seeing films in person is more than browsing the online catalog.

This month, at our traditional Lunch and Learn, we were happy to introduce our architectural vinyl film to the group of designers from Sherwin-Williams in Vancouver. We are grateful for the attention to the great features of our product, which were presented during the event. The group had an opportunity to learn more about interior films, examine it, and ask questions about it.

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In the meantime, please take a look at the photos from the Vancouver Lunch and Learn below.

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